On Yoga and What to Expect

I shot a quick time lapse video to give you a feel for what you can expect in a Hot26 Yoga+ class.  See?  Not too scary, is it?  It is only 26 postures and it is a beginner’s yoga.

You can catch me teaching at Zen Hot Yoga World, The Yoga Republic and Yoga Experience in November and December.  There are a ton of great teachers so find a time slot and day that suits you best, and come do your best.

If it’s too hot and intense, breathe deeper. It it’s too cold and uninspiring, work harder.

This applies for both inside and outside the classroom.

I hope this video inspires you back to your mat.

Keep practicing, a little more every day.

Your life will unfold and transform in bigger ways than you ever dreamed possible.

See you in class.

xx Eliza.


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