On Yoga and Travel

Jupiter, Venus and the Zambian sky


Lusaka in Zambia is the same amount of travelling time away from Johannesburg as it is to travel to Cape Town: a two hour flight away. That kinda blew my mind. Somehow, as a South African, the rest of Africa seems deep, dark, dirty, corrupt and far away. What’s up with that? I’ll pick ignorance and inexperience as the answers. My first trip into Lusaka was soul enriching and mind expanding. It came at just the right time too because I moved apartments and completed my Yoga teacher training in the same week.  So I was ripe for a paradigm shift.

Here is what I learnt […]

Life is what happens…

…when you’re busy making other plans!  This is me Bow Pulling on a bridge on the South Bank in London.  All sorts of psychological context embedded in that metaphor, if you are that way inclined!  Which I am, but let’s not go there shall we? London was amazing.  London is amazing.  I could live there. […]